LHW music

Liran Haran Weissenberg
Composer + Producer
TV / Film / Multimedia

Bada Bing Bada Bang!

"Classical & jazz music was as much a part of my grandparent's home as their furniture. It was my grandmother's love for music and her natural ability to play a variety of instruments by ear that inspired me to explore further into sound. What started as a love for music, quickly turned into an addiction. My grandparents recall, ....' We couldn’t get Liran to stop playing our old upright piano...' and bada bing bada bang--the rest is history. "

The truth is...

He was exposed to a variety of musical genres, including: pop, rock, classical, jazz & electronic music. "I still remember when my grandfather gave me my first Benny Goodman c.d....I was so moved by the music!" His passion for music continued to evolve when for the first time he attended a “Chick Corea” concert that marked him forever. Liran began studying the piano at age 11 with various piano teachers. Six years later, he had the opportunity to study the fundamentals of classical music, counterpoint, harmony & composition while attending the “Juan jose Landaeta” National Conservatory Of Music in Venezuela. During the same time, he studied jazz harmony, Structure and improvisation techniques under the instruction of jazz Guru and musical veteran, Gerry Weil. Where he later developed a deep curiosity for minimalist composers such as Steve Reich, John Adams, Philip Glass and contemporary composers like Scriabin, Berio, Penderecki, & John Cage among others. Later, Liran began also experimenting with a variety of electronic genres, such as House, Techno, Drum n bass, Downtempo, Breakbeat & IDM. “The truth is, I have an appreciation for every style of music from the most conservative classical to the unclassifiable…but its a deep affinity for creating music that stimulates the senses and a love of sound that drew me to the world of composition."

An Unusual Composer

During his development as a performer and composer Liran has been actively engaged in a variety of musical collaborations that range from jazz trios, classic duets and rock bands to art installations and multimedia projects. Extensive traveling and living in 6 countries on 3 continents has given him exposure to many cultures, people, their style of music, and their musical inspiration.

"Its my musical background combined with my business background that makes me, again, unique." Liran has a BS in business & an MBA. "My business degrees & professional background in media are skills that help me efficiently and effectively create the perfect musical sensation for the viewer."

Professional Affiliations:

Liran is a member of the Composer's Collective & the Film Music Network.